The Gospel according to HIV

The role of the Church in our communities is never underestimated by those within its reach. From sermons on the power of scripture to guide our lives, to the soul-raising songs of liberation, we have each been touched by the hope, resilience and fortitude of a community committed to an unwavering belief in our humanity and in God. As the HIV crisis rages on in communities around the world, the Church, as a space for both spiritual nourishment and social action, remains a key battleground in the fight against the spread of HIV. How the church responds to and expresses compassion for the lives of those affected by HIV continues to be of urgent inquiry: just what is the role of the Church in combating HIV?

The Gospel According to HIV is an annual church service, open to all faiths and beliefs, recognising and honouring the spirit of those living with HIV, past and present. The service will be held at St. Mark’s Church in Kennington and curated by people living with HIV. It will include stars of faith, stage and screen lending their voices and support to amplify the triumphs and legacies of HIV-positive people across the UK.

Importantly, The Gospel According to HIV will consider the role of the church in ending all new HIV diagnosis by 2030 by harnessing the church’s power as an agent of social change, in a bid to tackle HIV stigma in faith communities and prevent the discrimination and isolation of people of faith living with HIV.

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